Thea’s Pantry Quick Breakdown

  • User Stories

I know the costumer ultimately is the organizer using the device, but I could not stop thinking of the people on the other side, who are they, a community member in need, a homeless person, a student in need. This made me think about privacy and sensible ways of presenting quantity constraints in a respectable way. I don’t think a future in UI/UX is for me, but I believe the user should be expanded.

  • Architecture and Technology

What I think is most helpful is the architecture and technology. Mostly architecture, I remember how easy it is to get lost on systems that have many parts with different relations. The UML diagrams are important not only to get it right in the first place but check whether you did get it right or not. I think dependencies are hard to describe concurrently having their layout ahead of work makes everyone’s lives a lot easier.    

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